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The Team

Mum and Dad

My mum and Dad have supported me through every second of my career, driving me and my horses all around the world to compete. Mum ran the yard for many years but has happily taken a back seat and let 'The Team' take over (until we call her out of retirement every so often to muck in - and out!) I am very lucky to have such supportive parents. 

Paul Griffiths- Partner

Having never been involved with horses before, meeting me was a little bit of a baptism of fire, 8 years down the line we now own two horses together. Paul is a huge part of my support network!

Heather Townsend - Groom

Heather has been a close friend for a long time as we previously worked together for 6 years. Heather is super organised, fantastic with the horses and a wonderful 'team leader'. I feel lucky to have such an experienced groom and good friend working with me at Valewood Dressage. 

Damian Hallam - Trainer

Damian is a renowned dressage rider & trainer who has won over 15 National Championships & a silver medal for GB in the World YH Champs. I have trained with Damian for over a year now. His enthusiasm for our sport and for helping people achieve their goals seems to be endless. Every session is so clearly focused, structured and helpful. He is wonderful coach and I am really pleased to be working with him. 

James Williams - Farrier

James is a super farrier, the horses love his kind and calm nature. James will often talk to me about how the horses are going and that way together we can make changes and improvements to the horses feet to support their progress. Its been great to have this open communication line with my farrier- thanks James!

Sam Daplyn - Physio

Sam does a fantastic job keeping the horses on our yard in tip top shape. After each session Sam puts together a report on each horse and a 'rehab' plan to compliment the work he has done and to build on any weaknesses in the horse. This has been super helpful. Sam has a very clear and straight forward approach which makes working with him easy and beneficial. 

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